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Q: Should I crop my files before importing them into ROES?

A: You may crop your files, but cropping them beforehand is not necessary. When you select a standard size from the sizes list, you will see a blank print preview in the center. When you click and drag the image into that space, you will see a preview of the crop. If the file is not proportional to the print size, you can click and drag inside the print preview, either up and down or left and right, to change the crop. The crop displayed in that preview is how the item will print, so please be especially mindful of any products that fold, wrap, and/or get trimmed in production - Canvas Gallery Wraps, ThinWraps, Photo Wrap Covers, and Press Printed items will show a guide for those areas.

Q: I have selected a print size, but my image does not fit within it. What can I do to make it fit?

A: If the image does not fit within the bounds of the print space, that means the image is not proportional to that print size. You can either shrink the image to fit, which will cause white borders to appear either at the top and bottom or left and right, or you will need to select a print size that is more closely proportional to the image. For example, if your image’s proportions match an 8x12 size (2:3 aspect ratio), but you have selected an 8x10 size (4:5 aspect ratio), then the image will be cropped.

Q: How can I order a custom size print?

A: We offer custom sizes for photographic prints and some mounting, MetalPrints, and canvas prints. For MetalPrints and Fine Art Canvas, there is a Custom Size product within Bay ROES, which will allow you to input your custom dimensions. For photographic prints, order the next standard size up (for pricing purposes), and in the Instructions section of the Cart, indicate your desired custom size. In any case, please make sure the image file submitted is cropped to be proportional to the print size.

Q: I want to order multiple prints of the same image. Is there a quantity discount for that?

A: Yes, under the ‘Quantity Prints’ tab in the Standard Catalog of Bay ROES, there are several print sizes with built-in quantity pricing. The minimum quantity is 13 copies of the same image at one size, and there is tiered pricing for higher quantities.

Q: I want to order the same quantity of a print size, but with multiple images, and I don’t want to have to add each one individually. How can I do that?

A: First, make sure all of the images that you want to order are all in the same folder. When you import the folder and the thumbnails appear in the image browser at the bottom, right-click (Mac users can Ctrl+click) on one of the thumbnails and choose ‘Select All’ from the pop-up menu. If you just want to select a range of images, click the first image in the in range, and Shift+click the last image. Now you can click and drag the entire selection into the print preview. Bay ROES will ask you to confirm the action, and after you confirm, it will add those images as the same product with the same quantity to the cart, in sequential order.

Q: When I click and drag images into the print layout, the preview changes color and/or becomes pixelated or grainy. Will my image print like that?

A: No, that does not indicate any issues with color or file quality. When you drag images into the preview area, ROES creates a low-res preview just to show the crop without having to use the full-resolution file. Bay ROES also does not read color profiles, so the color displayed is not indicative of the print output.

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