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MetalPrints FAQs

Q: How should I prepare my image files for MetalPrint orders?

A: Ideally, files should be JPG format, Adobe RGB color embedded, and 200-300 PPI at print size.

Q: What is the basic hanging hardware for MetalPrints?

A: The basic hanging hardware for MetalPrints varies depending on the size print your order:

  • Standard sizes up to 8x12/10x10” will have the Metal Float Hanger selected.
  • Standard sizes above 8x12/10x10” up to 30x45” will have the Float Mount Hanger selected.
  • Standard sizes above 30x45”, up to 48x96” will have the ¾” silver inset frame selected.
  • Custom sizes do not have hardware already selected, so you will need to select the hardware you want.

See our MetalPrint Display Options section for images of this hardware.

Q: Can I order custom sizes?

A: Yes, custom sizes are offered. The print cost will be $0.25 per square inch, with a minimum cost of $20. The cost for hanging hardware will vary based on the options selected, so if you require an exhibit mount, or an inset or flush frame for the print, please contact us for a quote.

Q: When are crates required for MetalPrints?

A: Crates are required for all MetalPrints beyond 30x40” (over 30” on the short side and/or 40” on the long side) when being shipped. If you select to pick up the order at our lab in Scotts Valley, CA, crates are not required.

Q: When I order a MetalPrint larger than 40x60”, how would the order be shipped?

A: Generally, MetalPrints larger than 40x60” cannot ship with FedEx, and must be delivered by freight. The shipping is charged at cost, but we can get a freight cost estimate up-front if you can provide the following information:

  • Your customer ID number
  • Your preferred contact method
  • Type, size, and quantity of MetalPrints, along with hanging hardware
  • Postal/ZIP code for delivery
  • Type of address - residential or commercial
  • If a forklift or loading dock is on-site at the delivery address
  • Deadline, if any (note: most freight is only by ground, transit time will depend on distance from our lab in Scotts Valley, CA 95066)

Q: What type of lighting should be used to display MetalPrints?

A: For displaying MetalPrints, we recommend halogen, bright white incandescent, full-spectrum LED, or other bulbs with a high CRI (color rendering index). Indirect natural daylight also can work, but it must be indirect in order to prevent fading over time, and will also change the way the print appears throughout the day. Certain types of lighting, such as standard fluorescent bulbs, emit light that is partially absorbed or scattered by the MetalPrint surface, and the green part of the spectrum reflects to the eye more than other colors. Changing the type of lighting will affect the way all prints appear, but MetalPrints are affected more so. This is called metameric failure. Using light bulbs with a CRI of 90 or higher will help you see consistent results, especially when comparing different types of prints.

Q: How should MetalPrints be cleaned?

A: Non-ammonia glass cleaner, water, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol can be used without harming the print surface. We recommend using a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe off the print. No cleaners containing ammonia, abrasives, or corrosive chemicals should be used.

Q: Should I order with Color Correction? If so, why?

A: We recommend ordering MetalPrints with Color Correction, which is our default service when ordering in Bay ROES or online. The printing process for our MetalPrints differs from that of any other photographic or fine art printing process, and as a result, the final print will possess relative differences in terms of color, brightness, and saturation. For MetalPrints, the Color Correction service does not have an additional cost. Through our Color Correction service we can adjust the files submitted to more closely line up with the specifics of that process. Otherwise, any orders submitted without color correction will be printed as-is, and you will need to calibrate and profile your monitor to match our natural MetalPrint output.

Q: Why should I order a MetalPrint Sample Pack?

A: Before ordering any MetalPrints that will be resold to clients, we highly recommend ordering one of the Sample Packs, available in all versions of Bay ROES. The sample pack will display all the different surface types, and how they affect the appearance of the image. For that product, one image will be submitted, but we will print the image on all 5 of the MetalPrint surfaces - High Gloss, Mid Gloss, Satin, Sheer Gloss, and Sheer Matte. Each surface will be labeled for easy reference. MetalPrint sample packs are available in 3 sizes: 4x6, 5x7, and 8x12.

Learn more about our MetalPrints here.

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