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How to Save Orders in Progress

Orders in Bay ROES can be saved before completion. Follow these steps to save your order to reopen it at a later time:

  1. After adding items to the Shopping Cart, go to the Cart page by clicking either the 'My Cart' button at the top, or the 'View Cart' button next to 'Add to Cart'
  2. In the bottom right corner of the Cart, click the 'Save for later' button.

  3. Type in a name for the order or job in progress, then press Enter on the keyboard.

  4. The text field will show 'Saved!'

  5. To reopen the order, click the 'Saved Orders' button in the upper right.
  6. Locate the order you wish to reopen. It will be labeled with the name, along with a time & date stamp.

  7. Click 'Reopen Cart' twice - once to select, again to confirm.
  8. ROES will reopen the selected order to the Shopping Cart.
  9. Proceed from where you left off - items can be added, edited, and removed.

***PLEASE NOTE*** When saving an order, all image files must remain in their original locations, with the same filenames. When adding items to the Cart, Bay ROES records the names and file paths of the images, so if any of that changes, ROES will not know where to locate that file. If any files involved in the order have been moved, when attempting to reload an order, Bay ROES will ask you to locate those files one by one.

If the order is started in Bay ROES on one computer, it cannot be transferred to another computer to be finished, as all the files for the order are stored locally on that specific computer.

If the images you are using in an order are on a USB flash drive, DVD, or another removable storage device, that drive must remain attached to the computer to ensure that Bay ROES can locate the files when completing the order. We recommend copying files from the USB drive or DVD to the computer's internal hard drive for best performance and reliability.

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