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Bay Photo Lab's ICC Profile

We provide an ICC profile for you to use when soft-proofing your images before submitting them for a print order.

It is meant only for viewing - do not embed the profile in your images. The files should only either have sRGB or Adobe RGB embedded. sRGB is preferred for photo paper prints, while Adobe RGB is preferred for giclee, metal, and press print items.

This profile should only be used in conjunction with a regularly-calibrated monitor. Otherwise, there is no objective standard for comparison between monitor output and print output.



  • Mac OS 10.7 and later: Download file, copy & paste it to the following location:
    • Macintosh HD\Library\ColorSync\Profiles
    • Your main hard drive may be under a different name like System instead of Macintosh HD
  • Windows: Download file, right-click it, select Install Profile


To set up profile in Photoshop:

  • View menu > Proof Setup > Custom > Locate BayViewing_1E103108 from the list of profiles

Photoshop Settings (PS version 7+):

  • Preserve color numbers/RGB numbers - uncheck
  • Render intent - perceptual
  • Black pt. compensation - check
  • Simulate black ink/white paper - uncheck

Once you have selected these options, click the "Save Button" and name the profile Bay Photo.psf

Once the profile is saved, then click "OK" in the original "Customize Poof Condition" screen

This will now allow you to toggle Bay Photo's ICC profile in View > Proof Setup. Once you have toggled "Proof Setup," please toggle go back to View and toggle "Gamut Warning" to make sure the colors in your file are within our printing gamut.


To set up profile in Lightroom (LR version 4+):

  • In Develop module, check the Soft Proof box towards the bottom
  • For the Profile setting, select Other > select BayViewing_1E103108
  • Render Intent - Perceptual
  • Simulate Ink & Paper - uncheck

Use Proof Colors setting under the View menu in Photoshop to switch back and forth between the viewing profile constraining the embedded color space, and the embedded space by itself.

In Lightroom, check and uncheck the Soft Proof box to toggle the profile off and on.

When the profile is applied to most images, there will be a subtle shift, but if the image contains tones that are out of gamut, those areas will shift more noticeably.

Last of all, order some of the complimentary Evaluation Prints through the Bay ROES > Misc. Catalog to see how accurate your monitor output is compared to the raw print output.

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